How to Make a Roof Top Patio

How to Make a Roof Top Patio. Arrange the bricks in squares or rectangles, layheavy plastic sheeting on the bottom and partway up the sides and cover the .

Concrete Patio Design Ideas

Make large individual patio squares in browns and tans, or make smaller squaresin . Spray the inside of a plastic garbage can with concrete release, spray the .

How to Make Large Outdoor Pots & Planters

But for decks, balconies or rooftop gardens, cement containers can add . Theouter form should be made up of 4 squares that are 40 ½ inches in all directions.. Cover with plastic and allow the container to sit and harden for 24 to 48 hours.

How to Create a Resin Shed Base

A resin shed is made of plastic material. Resin sheds . eHow · Home · OutdoorBuilding · Special Outdoor Projects · How to Create a Resin Shed Base . Make abase with plastic squares. Buy interlocking plastic grid blocks to fit the resin shedbase dimensions. How to Use Batter Boards to Square Corner Posts for Deck.

How to Build Vinyl Lattice Screens

How to Attach Patio Screen Lattice Panels. Attaching lattice panels to your patiocan make for a nice screen against the elements, bugs, and other people.

Vinyl Lattice Fence Building Instructions

Deck screws are preferable because they do not require painting and aredesigned not . on the inside of the gate so that it is not visible from outside of thegate.

Substances to Coat Over a Cement Patio

Builders refer to the process of applying a coat over a concrete patio as "resurfacing. to form a solid material that feels hard as a rock and looks likeplastic. Prior to laying mortar and tile over an existing cement patio, tile settersclean the .

DIY Backyard Park Landscaping

Forget about a large paved patio or wooden deck if you want your back yard toresemble a park. Use metal, wood, bricks, cobblestone or plastic edging.rows of two tiles and one tile to create a traditional hopscotch board layout, andadd .

How to Grow a Small Vegetable Garden

Construct raised beds in traditional squares or rectangles, as stepped boxes formore . since they can move from indoors to the patio or deck and the backyard.. Use a galvanized or plastic pail to grow vegetables in, as long as it is sturdy.

Can Vinyl Flooring Be Recycled?

In an effort to cut down on landfill waste, concerned homeowners are looking torecycle more and more when remodeling. Vinyl flooring, an inexpensive flooring .