The Best Materials to Use as a Roof Deck

For a wood-like feel to your roof deck without using actual wood, you can checkout fiberboard, a manufactured composite of tiny wood fibers and resin that is .

How to Use an EPDM Roof for a Deck

You can safely cover the roof to protect the EPDM membrane, using a deck .Screw 1-by-4 deck boards -- either pressure treated or composite -- to thesleepers .

Steel Deck Definition

Steel deck is a type of cold-formed corrugated metal most commonly used tosupport the . upon installation, provides extra support between the roof's joistsand beams. Composite deck is made with mechanical embossing in the websthat .

Decks & Patios | Outdoor Building

Sleepers are 2-by-4s used to support and raise a deck off a roof or concrete slab. Wood-plastic composite and PVC decking are recent innovations in decking .

Residential Roofing Material Types

Residential Roofing Material Types. Asphalt, wood, metal, clay and slate arecommonly used materials on residential roofs. Several factors should be .

How to Install Corrugated Polycarbonate Sheet Patio Covers

Adding a corrugated polycarbonate roof over a patio provides shelter in summer. onto the support; then predrill and screw them together with 3-inch deck screws. Roof installation overview · Crane Composites: Sequentia Panel Installation .

What are Some Lightweight Decking Alternatives to Plywood?

Plywood is widely used for roofing, flooring and garden decking. Compositestructural roof panels are not only a lightweight substitute for roof decking, they .

Strength vs Wood

is a wood-plastic composite material designed for use in non-structuralareas such as railing and decking. primarily as a cosmetic enhancement, andshould never be used for structural elements like roofing trusses or wall studs.

How to Install Diagonal Decking

Diagonal decking offers a different appearance to the deck and improves the .Installing the decking material requires some additional cutting, and may.How to Install Composite Decking · Deck Bracing Techniques · How to Brace aRoof.

Making Raised Beds from Galvanized Roofing Tins

Tin roofing makes an affordable and attractive raised garden bed. Cut the endsat a 45-degree angle. Screw the wood “seal” into the wood edging using 2-inchdeck screws. An alternative is redwood or composite. Be sure to build the .